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Calculate CO2 savings

Calculate CO2 savings

 if you have rented a rack from us, you can calculate your own CO2 savings.

The CO2 emission factor for the German electricity mix in 2020 has been provisionally estimated by the Federal Environment Agency at 366 grams of CO2/kWh.

Quote: "For 2019, this is 408 grams CO2/kWh based on preliminary data. Extrapolated values for 2020 result in 366 g CO2/kWh."
Source: https://www.umweltbundesamt.de/sites/default/files/medien/5750/publikationen/2021-05-26_cc-45-2021_strommix_2021.pdf

You can find the values for all electricity meters in the consumption values section within the IPHH Customer Portal. At the very bottom, you'll find a list of all the electricity meters we provide to you. These are summed up per month and year. Next you need the factor for the respective year. This will be published by the Federal Environment Agency until June. If you now multiply your consumed kWh value for 2020 by 408 g (or directly by 0.000408 for tons), you are getting the savings in tons.

Example: In 2020, you needed 424,123 kWh.Multiplied by 0.000366, this results in a savings of 155.23t CO2.

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