Security squared


The security arrangements in the data center are convincing even before stepping inside. Access is only afforded via a contact-free readable card in combination with a PIN and a biometric fingerprint. Also, each rack has its own lock system. Any movements in the data center are registered and recorded by CCTV. Access routes to the premises and all entrances are permanently monitored, too.
A dead man system plus telephones for 24-hour security protects those working at night. There are also sanitary areas for technicians working in the data center, marked emergency exits, escape plans, emergency lighting and first-aid boxes.
The IPHH data center has been toured and inspected by the Hamburg fire service department. Fire service key safes, indicator panels and fire alarm routing cards are kept at every entrance.
In the data center only materials are used that are non-flammable or self-extinguishing. Fire early warning detection systems immediately detect the smallest particles of smoke. Despite these extensive security measures, in the improbable case that a fire occurs, a fire extinguishing system with extinguishing gas will be activated automatically.

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