Data center

The data centers put into operation in 2009 and 2016, present the current state of modern and efficient technologies. All planning and coordination of construction work was carried out by IPHH.
The technical equipment (servers, routers, storage systems, etc.) is housed in 19-inch rack enclosures. Each of these racks has capacity for approx. 46 rack units. Climate control is done by direct cooling thorough the raised floor. All racks are also positioned in "cold aisles", providing optimum server climate control. Targeted airflow eliminates hotspots and the servers work perfectly at a steady temperature at every height. Redundant air conditioning systems temper the entire data center.

The power supplies also convince with redundancy. UPS systems supply the right amount of energy to the data centers. The systems’ double-conversion technology generates a steady sine wave and does not have to switch over in case of need. Thus, small power fluctuations have no effect whatsoever on the system. Surge diverters in the main distributors protect the UPS systems from lightning strikes or surges in the grid.

Should there actually be a failure in the 10 kV ring feed circuit connected to IPHH's transformer station, an emergency power generator will take over automatically – and the UPS systems with attached batteries will bridge the short time gap between power failure and generator operation.
Thus, power supply to the entire data centers including service rooms, workshops and storage area is always ensured. We check this emergency power supply once a month with no effect on your systems.
Maintenance agreements for all security and operations-relevant systems guarantee that we are also able to react to the slightest disruptions, around the clock.