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Do you want to find out the options for registering a domain? Are you interested in international domain matters? Or do you simply want to renew the registration of a domain?
We’ll take care of your entire domain portfolio to which you can add any number of domain names with our assistance in accordance with registry requirements. We’ll always keep an eye on possible changes to registration requirements, necessary domain renewals and the technical management of your domain portfolio.

We have a great deal of experience in international enquiries.

Many providers avoid the administrative efforts required for the international transfer of domains.

For you we’ll manage the transfer of ownership of a Russian (ru) or a British (uk) domain and handle all other international domain matters.


Internet Port Hamburg GmbH
A Portus Data Centers Company
Wendenstraße 408
20537 Hamburg

T : 040 37 49 19-0
F : 040 37 49 19-29
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About IPHH

Internet Port Hamburg (IPHH) was founded in 1996. Our offer includes server hosting and housing, domain management and solutions and consulting for all IT topics. IPHH also offers profound support for Linux.


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