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LACNIC 18 and LACNOG 2012 meeting

LACNIC 18 and LACNOG 2012 meeting

Sascha Pollok at LACNOG 2012

IPHH was taking part in the LACNIC 18 and LACNOG 2012 meeting from 28th of October - 1st of November in Montevideo, Uruguay.

In the context of LACNOG 2012 IPHH was able to present two highly regarded topics to the interested community. These were "IPv6 monitoring" and "Building a datacenter from scratch".

One other event worth mentioning was at the "birds of a feather" talk about BGP deaggregation where IPHH's Sascha Pollok gave insights on the topic. This led to an interesting technical discussion as well as extensive networking within the community.

If you should be interested in any of those topics, please do not hesitate to talk to us!

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