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Debian Upgrade jessie

Dear customers!

Today We would like to inform you about the situation of the current
Linux Debian Wheezy distribution. The Debian Wheezy distribution is
outdated and has been replaced by Debian Jessie a while ago. Due to this
we urgently recommend to upgrade servers still running on Wheezy to be
upgraded to Jessie ("Dist-Upgrade").

We have been contacted by several customers about the so-called
LTS-version (Long Term Support) of Debian Wheezy. The LTS guarantees
support for Debian Wheezy until May 2018. We have been asked why
we keep pushing Debian Jessie although support for Wheezy is still

The reason is that not all software packages of Debian Wheezy are
supported in the LTS. This means that some essential packages like PHP5
that is relevant for most webservers is not supported in LTS and
therefore does not receive security updates.

The Debian Project also mentions:

"As announced, not all packages of the Debian archive is supported by

and also:

"The release will not be handled by the Debian security team, but by a
separate group of volunteers and companies interested in making it a
success (with some overlap in people involved)."

Our decision to not recommend Wheezy LTS is based on the limited
availability of supported packages in the LTS version and the fact that
security updates within LTS are not handled directly by the Debian
security team.

Please contact us at support@iphh.net or +49 40 37491910 in case of any
further question or concerns.

Best regards
Your IPHH-Team.

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