Data center HH2/R1

Data center HH2/R1

In 2009 the room HH2/R1 in Wendenstrasse 408 was put into operation. It was built completely gutted according to our planning by specialist companies. Our offices are also located in this building, although on the 4th floor.

Your technical equipment can be stored in 19-inch racks provided by IPHH. Each of these racks has space for about 46 height units. Air conditioning is provided by indirect free cooling directly into the raised floor. In addition, all racks are set up in so-called cold aisles, which ensures optimum air conditioning of the servers. Targeted airflow eliminates heat spots, the servers work perfectly at an even temperature at any height. Redundant air conditioning systems control the temperature of the entire data centre.

The power supply also convinces with redundancy. UPS systems supply this room R1 as well as R2 with the right amount of energy. As continuous converters, the systems permanently generate their own sine wave and do not have to switch over when required. Small fluctuations in current therefore have no effect on the system.

Surge arresters in the main distribution boards protect the UPS systems from lightning strikes or overvoltages in the mains. Should there really be a fault in the 10 kV ring feed into IPHH's own transformer station, an emergency power generator automatically takes over - and the UPS systems with the connected batteries bridge the short time span between power failure and generator operation.

The supply of the entire data center, including operating rooms, workshops and warehouses, is thus always guaranteed.

The access is secured by a separation system with PIN, code and a biometric factor.

In addition to a aspirating smoke detection system (VdS approved) our data center is equipped with a n² fire extinguishing system. We also pay great attention to the use of non-flammable and low smoke/halogen-free materials. Smoke detectors on the ceiling as well as in the raised floor and the direct connection to the fire brigade of our fire alarm system ensure quick information at all important places.

We check this emergency plan once a month transparently for your systems.

Maintenance contracts for all safety and operationally relevant systems guarantee that we can respond to even the smallest malfunction around the clock.

You see: We are living safety.

Data center HH2/R1 Fact Sheet (PDF)


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