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When nothing off-the-shelf will do: IPHH, your full service provider.

Data center services and IP Connections

Internet Port Hamburg (IPHH) was founded in 1996 as an Internet Service Provider by Axel Kroeger. Our offer includes server hosting and housing, domain management and solutions and consulting for all IT topics. IPHH also offers profound support for Linux.

To emphasize service orientation towards our customers we do not use an anonymous call center for our communication. Instead for any questions you may have just rely on speaking directly with us. In case of any technical issues there are trained and skilled technicians ready to answer your call.

We are eager to provide the
latest concepts and accomplishments in technology to our customer's projects even if implementing them is on short notice. To ensure our customer always get the best service and experience with us we are also working with various partners to make sure we can offer the widest possible range of services.

IPHH currently operates three own data centers in Hamburg so that e.g. a backup installation in a different location is possible without problems. Furthermore, an additional colocation in Frankfurt is present.

As an ISP, we meet the so-called Tier 2 guidelines, a standard for large, regional network operators.

IPHH implements 3G regulation due to new infection control law.

IPHH is a Diamond Sponsor at this year's virtual DENOG conference.

Energy consumption per rack as graph

Debian 11 "Bullseye" has been released. Time to think about an upgrade.

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